Hotel and Hospitality Management Consulting

Get the hotel and hospitality management consulting task force you want to reveal lost opportunity and provide a clear solution plan for one low fee. At Access, we’ve been in your position and understand your frustrations. Your hotel is not operating as well as you’d like. We have the fresh set of eyes you need to solve your property management challenges. Having your own hotel and resort consultant has never been easier.

The $5K Performance Repair Tool

Hotel and Hospitality Management Consulting | Corporate Army KnifeWith one click and a flat fee of only $5,000, you’ll be on your way to a real evaluation you will use, not a “free” evaluation you won’t. Our team of hospitality industry experts has a combined 150+ years of experience. We’ll look at the gap between what you want and what you have and tell you exactly how to close it.

We know you’re short on time, so our process is only 30 days long, giving us time to hear you, work with your team, evaluate your reporting and deliver a comprehensive plan for achieving the goals you want.



Every $5K instant performance evaluation includes:

  • On-site review of your property
  • Direct interaction with owner, management and staff
  • An executive summary of the evaluation
  • A comprehensive evaluation report
  • A 10-point action plan addressing specific challenges and listing corrective measures
  • Thirty days of phone consultation
  • Option to extend or end after 30 days
  • Option for implementation management

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