Flat Fee Hotel Consulting and Evaluation Packages

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Operational Review Without F&B

Profit leaks are everywhere. Inefficiencies rob you of time and money. Simple upgrades in technology, improvements to operations and a skilled approach to capital improvements can mean tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Our careful look into the operational workings of your organization will yield actionable ways to improve.

  • Review of hotel audit/accounting
  • Review of P&L
  • Review current operating standards
  • Assess hotel technology and identify potential upgrades
  • Evaluate current capital improvement plans
  • Review management technology systems

Operational Review With F&B

Operating a profitable F&B operation is critical to your success. Hard-won profits should never have to support a lagging food and beverage department. We connect the dots between all facets of your operations to ensure no opportunity is lost.

  • Hotel audit/accounting review
  • P&L review
  • Review current operating standards
  • F&B operational review
  • Management technology systems review

Sales, Catering and Group Sales Team Evaluation

Your sales team is the linchpin to your financial success. Are they achieving their goals? To understand the dynamics of successful selling, we look at every aspect of your sales processes and tools. It’s not uncommon to find tens of thousands of dollars of missed profit with a skilled eye. We evaluate skills and build solid sales teams that are results driven.

  • Review current revenue management strategies
  • Review sales and catering technologies
  • Review sales strategies and activities
  • Review business mix and displacement
  • Review revenue management best practices
  • Evaluate the sales team
  • Evaluate the catering team

Property Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce Evaluation

Average spending on web marketing and e-commerce continues to increase in hospitality. Is your investment performing? Are you unclear whether your situation calls for more advertising or if it would be better to use the money for an upgraded listing? Profitable marketing and e-commerce activities are critical. We know where to look to find you the best value.

  • Review of marketing strategies and activities
  • Review online distribution and ecommerce strategies
  • Evaluate current branding and positioning
  • Evaluate marketing affiliations and/or franchise options

Revenue Management Evaluation

Your marketing is solid, your brand is strong, so why aren’t your rooms full? Or is your problem that your competition is growing faster than you? Why is that? Our comprehensive look into the underpinnings of your ecommerce and yield management practices will reveal lost opportunities and solutions to drive more revenue.

  • Review current revenue management strategies
  • Review revenue management best practices
  • Review online distribution and e-commerce strategies
  • Review current yield management strategies
  • Review team
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Performance package fee does not include travel expenses, market intelligence reports, pre approved outsourced specialty items.