Asset Management

‘The Creation and Enhancement of Property and Business Values for The Owner’

Our Asset Management Team concentrates on reviewing property operations and capital expenditures; identifying opportunities to increase profitability; ensuring competitiveness in procurement; ensuring the hotel operator is focused on the critical elements of success; monitoring changes in the competition and reacting accordingly; and analyzing results on behalf of ownership.

We will specifically provide the following:

  • Maximize property returns through the pursuit of strategies for value creation.
  • Review and analyze monthly operator performance.
  • Participate in planning and monitoring of capital projects.
  • Administer owner relations and represent the company at board meetings.
  • Review and critique annual marketing plans and budgets.
  • Review asset positioning and make comparisons to market competitors.
  • Assemble and evaluate pertinent market and economic data.
  • Assist with legal issues and contract compliance.
  • Preparations of financial projections and valuations.
  • Prepare quarterly investment performance report.
  • Administer legal, tax and accounting formalities for each property.